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John Mclester
04-05-2005, 12:43 AM
Hi everyone. With the large volume of responses to my request for motion analysis for beginners e-mail, I inadvertently left off two companies for no apparent reason. One of which is the MaxTRAQ/MaxMATE and the other is HMA Technology Inc. I personally have seen the MaxTRAQ/MaxMATE website and talked to the sales manager, who was very professional and accommodating. Their modules seem to be easy to use, flexible and cost efficient. The contact information for both of these companies follows. I apologize for the omissions, both of which were completely inadvertent. Thanks again for all of the responses.

John McLester

Victoria L. Berger - Sales Manager
Innovision Systems, Inc.
Tel.: (810) 793-5530
Fax: (810) 793-1714


To: John Mclester
From: Tom Duck, HMA Technology Inc. and York University

I suggest you take a look at the motion analysis software available from HMA
Technology Inc. as a starting point. ( http://www.hma-tech.com )

The single PC 2D software is available for ~US$26 and the 3D extension an
additional ~US$28.
A network version (up to 30 workstations) is available for US$600.00.

Don't let the prices fool you. The software is targeted for teaching labs
and has been acquired by more than 180 universities. Although it has a
distinct teaching/learning focus (perfect for beginners), it is also used
for some original research. The prices also make it effective for student
home use.

Even if one moves to a comprehensive and more expensive system later,
knowledge of this software will provide an excellent background for