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04-25-2005, 01:59 AM
Title: Health and Sport Science Graduate Studies (MS)
Location: University of Memphis, Memphis, TN 38152
Date: April 25, 2005

The Mission of the Department of Health and Sport Sciences focuses
on 1) the developing awareness and understanding of the various benefits
associated with exercise, health, nutrition and sport; 2) graduating
students who are capable of fulfilling leadership roles in the education,
exercise, health, nutrition, leisure and sport industries in highly diverse
communities; 3) expanding the body of theoretical and applied understanding
of exercise, health, nutrition and sport related issues through innovative
intra- and inter-disciplinary research; and 4) providing services to local
and national communities.

The concentration in Exercise and Sport Science offers a
research-centered program for individuals interested in pursuing advanced
graduate studies in exercise science or developing knowledge and skills
necessary to work or serve in clinical and physical activity settings.
Coursework provides a strong theoretical background in exercise science,
research methods, and statistics. In addition, students will gain experience
in collecting and interpreting data obtained through a variety of research
and applied procedures conducted in the Human Performance Laboratories.

Specific Research Interests Include: Biomechanics of Resistance
Exercise; Time-dependent variables of Strength; Optimal Training
Interventions for Developing Strength and Power in Athletic, Youth and Aging
Populations; Technology for Assessing Sensitive Measures of Strength and
Power Performance.

For more information visit: http://hss.memphis.edu/exss_ms.asp
and http://hss.memphis.edu/neuromech-musculoskel/

Brian Schilling

Brian Schilling, Ph.D., CSCS

NSCA South Central Regional Coordinator

Exercise Neuromechanics Lab Director

Dept. of Health and Sport Sciences

The University of Memphis