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Michelle L. Oyen
05-06-2005, 02:39 AM
Symposium L: Mechanical Behavior of Biological and Biomimetic Materials
Materials Research Society
Fall 2005 Annual Meeting
November 28-December 2, 2005

Abstract Deadline: June 21, 2005

Contributed papers and posters are solicited in the following areas:

* Multi-scale mechanical characterization and modeling of natural
biological materials including mineralized tissues, soft tissues, and plant

* Multi-scale mechanical characterization and modeling of biomimetic
materials including artificial organs, tissues, implants, bioactive
coatings, and bio-inspired graft materials

* Changes in mechanical properties in biological and biomimetic systems due
to biological or biochemical processes such as wound healing and growth
factor additions

* Comparison between the mechanical behavior of biological materials and
their counterpart biomimetic materials

* Time-dependent mechanical behavior and testing techniques used to
characterize hydrated biological and biomimetic materials

* Mechanical characterization of structural features in tissues such as a
cell membranes or processes, cement lines in bone, or the dentin-enamel

* Techniques for characterization of biological and biomimetic materials at
the ultrastructural level, including nanoindentation and scanning probe

For more information, see the MRS website (www.mrs.org/meetings/) or
contact the symposium Organizers:

Andrew J. Bushby
Queen Mary, University of London
Email: A.J.Bushby@qmul.ac.uk

Virginia L. Ferguson
University of Colorado
Email: virginia.ferguson@colorado.edu

Ching-Chang Ko
University of Minnesota
Email: koxxx007@umn.edu

Michelle L. Oyen
University of Minnesota