View Full Version : Move3D model file

Christine Boyda
05-18-2005, 03:05 AM
I am a graduate student at Marquette University working on a
research study using gait analysis to compare two prosthetic devices. I
am collecting data with a VICON system, however I am using Move3D to
calculate joint moments so that I can input the inertial properties of
the prosthetic limb instead of using the VICON model that assumes
intact limbs. I am trying to develop my model and am having trouble
associating the markers from VICON with the segments in my Move3D
model, specifically, I can't figure out how to use the PT_NO command. I
have tried entering in the labels that are in my c3d files, but these
are not picked up and the software tells me I have not defined targets
on my segments.
Does anyone have a Move3D model file for the lower extremities
that uses the standard VICON marker set that I could use as a template
for my model? Does anyone have any type of tutorial or instructions for
Move3D analysis aside from the Manual that I got from the NIH when I
got the program?
Any help would be appreciated and I will post responses.
Chrissy Boyda