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Christine Boyda
05-19-2005, 05:21 AM
Earlier this week I posted a request for help with developing a Move3D
model and said I would post responses. I received a number of
responses, mostly directing me to VICON's Bodybuilder software which
would allow me to build a model, or alter an existing model to input
the specific inertial properties for the prosthetic limbs I am
studying. Below are the responses I received. Thank you to everyone who
responded, your comments have been very helpful.
Chrissy Boyda

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I don't have a direct answer for your subject, but the following
information is in the
C-Motion's web site:


Thus, perhaps the C-Motion's support service can aid in your research.
Best Regards,

Wagner de Godoy

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Can you not change the leg inertial parameters in VICON's BodyBuilder?
you would not need to use Move3D. We are using this method to modify
segment masses and inertial parameters for paraplegics.

Brian Schulz, Ph.D.
Program Specialist
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James A. Haley Veterans' Hospital
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Hi Chrissy,
You may have some luck on the c3d website - it's www.c3d.org. It's for
documentation/programs for the .c3d file type.
Jen Baird, PT

I am not positive but I recall reading something in a Vicon manual
about dealing with the situation of a prosthetic limb. I think there
is a way to enter the inertial properties of the limb and have Vicon
software calculate the correct net forces and moments. It would be
worth giving them a call to find out.

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Hi Christine,
By "standard" Vicon marker set, do you mean the Helen Hayes or CGM
marker set ie., RASI, LASI, SACR, LTHI, LKNE, LTIB, LANK, LTOE (+ right
side)? If that is the case it may be difficult to build a model in
You will have to manipulate the C3D files and create physical markers
the Hip center, knee center, and ankle center and use these for
This will give you a 3dof model using 3 markers to track each segment.
Move3D needs a minimum of 3 physical markers to track each segment.
Let me
know if this helps.


Michael Rainbow
Michael Rainbow, B.S.
Motion Analysis Laboratory
Shriners Hospital for Children
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Just read your question on BIOMCH-L question and thought I could lend a
hand. Inertial properties of segments can be changed in bodybuilder
models. What marker set do you use for your research. Is it the Plug
In Gait markers set (our standard set) or are you using your own marker
set. If you are using Plug In Gait.mkr you can run a one of our full
body models call “Golem.mod”. This model is almost identical to the
Plug In Gait model with exception that it is an open model that you can
modify (Plug In Gait is a closed model due to validation).
I’m attaching a Word document out of our BodyBuilder course manual that
covers the definition of segment inertial properties. If you want to
adjust the inertial properties of one of legs you would open the Golem
model and look at the bottom and you will find a heading for “Kinetics”
where you can set the properties. Have a look, and if you need any
more help just let me know.
Derek Potter
Support Engineer
Vicon Motion Systems
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