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Robert Heppe
05-23-2005, 09:44 AM
Thanks to everyone who responded. I received many more replies than I
expected. Below are the responses.

Robert Heppe

The replies:
Thank you for your inquiry regarding reflective paint. As you can tell by
this auto-response, I have received a substantial number of inquiries
regarding reflective paint and its diverse applications. Unfortunately,
none of the paints tested worked for our application. The summary of
responses to our BIOMCH-L posting can be read at the link below.


FYI, you can search all BIOMCH-L postings at www.isbweb.org I hope you find
this helpful.


Michael E. Feltner, Ph.D, FACSM
Dept. of Sports Medicine
Pepperdine University
Malibu, CA 90263 USA
EMAIL: michael.feltner@pepperdine.edu
WEB: http://faculty.pepperdine.edu/mfeltner/
VOICE: (310) 506-4312
FAX: (310) 506-4785



I think you can find the required reflective tape and other readymade
reflective markers from Qualisys, Sweden. .

Hope it helps.

Dr Hamayun Zafar
Umea University


You should look at the following URL:

Good luck,
Michel Ladouceur, PhD



We had the same trouble a couple of weeks ago. While I don't have any rolls
of the 3M tape your looking for either. I found some 3M reflective tape at
a local bicycle shop, apparently most of them carry this product.

Best of luck,

Michael J Falvo, CSCS
161E Roane Fieldhouse
Dept. Health & Sport Science
University of Memphis
Memphis, TN 38152


I stumbled across some retroreflective tape at www.buybanneronline.com.
This company makes photocells and has many retroreflective accessories.
Look under

Accessories & Fibers
Photoelectric Accessories

The tape products are at the end of the list.

Good Luck,
Scott McLean
Southwestern University


Hi Robert,

Have you tried B&L engineering (http://www.bleng.com/mrkrs.htm)?


Chris Dyrby, Eng. Research Engineer
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Stanford University
Durand Bldg Rm 061C
Stanford, CA 94305-4038

Ph: (650) 723-5793
Fax: (650) 725-1587



I recently purchased reflective tape online through B and L Engineering.
It's 3M but I'm not sure about the specifics (if it is 7610). It was $100
for 20ft of 2" wide tape.



Hi Robert,

We stock 3M Retro Reflective 8850 Pressure Sensitive tape at 1" wide.

001-300-TPE-YRD Retro Reflective Tape, 3M Brand, 1 Yard Price = $2.25
001-300-TPE-RLL Retro Reflective Tape, 3M Brand, 100 Yard Price =
$202.50 US

We can order a case of the 7610 for you. The 7610 is more expensive and at 1
inch wide it will cost $5.65/yard. Since it is not something we normally
carry we would ask you to buy at least 2 rolls of 50 yards.
Your cost would be $565.00 US for 100 yards. (If you find another lab that
wants a roll of the 7610 we will be happy to split the minimum up.
Or if you find several labs that want a roll we can order a larger quantity
from 3M which will drop your price per roll.)

You can compare the two tapes here:

You can also look into ordering through B&L Engineering
(http://www.bleng.com/mrkrs.htm). They make markers and also sell the tape
by the foot.

Let us know if we can help.

Amanda Greenlee
Motion Lab Systems, Inc.
15045 Old Hammond Hwy.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA 70816
Work: 225-272-7364
Cell: 225-445-4603
Fax: 225-272-7336



I'm pretty sure that Motion Analysis (www.motionanalysis.com) sells
reflective tape in rolls. Click "Customer SUpport" and then "Parts and
Supplies". You should find it in their catalog.

Hope this helps,


Karen Troy, PhD
Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Laboratory
University of Illinois at Chicago



Best Regards,

Wagner de Godoy



I've been pleased with the tape from this company.




Motion Lab Systems sells retroreflective tape for gait lab purposes. I am
not sure if it is the exact kind you are looking for or if they sell in the
quantities you want, but I know they stock it:




Saryn R Goldberg, PhD
Clinical Research Scientist^
Physical Disabilities Branch*
National Institutes of Health
Phone: 301-451-7554
Fax: 301-451-7536
Email: goldbergs@cc.nih.gov
Web: http://pdb.cc.nih.gov


Hi Robert,

I called 3M about buying the silver reflective saftey tape and they referred
me to one of their distributors. He sent me a sample of the 8910 with
adhesive and a sample of the 8830 with adhesive. Their reflective qualities
are similar to the 7610 product. The backing is a fabric type material on
the #8830 and the 8910 material is thinner and more pliable for making
reflective ball markers. He will sell 50m roll quantities, normal roll size
is 100m.The 2 inch width material is cut off a 48inch wide roll. 50m of 2"
8910 stock is costing $125.

Here is the distrbutor's name.

J. Douglas Bean

Safety Effects, LLC

3M Authorized dealer
3657 fisher Ford Rd.
Lancaster, KY 40444-8014
Tel: 859-548-9119
Fax 859-548-3473


Hi Robert,

We have always purchased the tape directly from Peak Performance