View Full Version : EMG onset/offset determination

António Vences Brito
05-26-2005, 04:31 AM
Dear Biomch-Listers,

I’m a PhD student trying to understand the behaviour of muscular activity of
the arm during the realization of a karate punch (tsuki).
I use EMG to analyse the muscle activity of this movement. Mi problem is the
definition of a criterion to identify correctly the muscle offset activity
(end of muscle activity). Some authors define some criteria to the onset
(R.P. Di Fabio (1987); P. W. Hodges (1996); G:T: Allison (2002)) but I don’t
find anything about the offset.
I could use the same criteria defined to the onset to determine the offset
but, in some muscles, the contraction persists to the end of the movement,
and I don’t have “clear” information of the offset.
If any one have some information or idea to help me on this problem send me
an email to amvbrito@netvisao.pt

Thank you all