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Bernd Heinlein
06-09-2005, 04:50 PM
*First In-Vivo Measurement of Shoulder Joint Forces*

On May 25th a worldwide unique endoprosthesis was implanted at the
CharitÚ Berlin to measure the loads acting in the shoulder joint. This
innovative implant with telemetric data transmission was developed in a
long term research project of the Biomechanics Laboratory

First measurements were taken one week postoperatively. They indicate
that the shoulder joint is heavily loaded. An external force of only 30N
at the elbow caused a joint force of approximately 200 N. Loads in the
joint were about 7 times higher than the external force. Forces of two
times body weight are expected after fully recovered joint function.

Results of this research will help to improve shoulder surgery and
implant designs. Additionally they will further advance physiotherapy
and rehabilitation of shoulder patients. Implantations of up to ten
instrumented shoulder endoprostheses are planned.

For further information please contact Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Bergmann

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