View Full Version : CT dose assessment and PCXMC ?

06-20-2005, 09:57 PM
Dear Biomch-L Fellows,

We are currently working on finding a trustable software method to assess the effective dose (ED)
emitted during computed tomography (CT) imaging.

Among various available software we found one called "PCXMC" that could be of potential interest.

We did not test this program yet because it is not free. Before buying it we would first like to
know if this software can assess a CT ED ...

The brief presentation (available from
http://www.stuk.fi/sateilyn_kayttajille/ohjelmat/PCXMC/fi_FI/introduction/) mentions that the
program "computes organ doses for patients of different ages and sizes in freely adjustable x-ray
projections and other examination conditions used in projection radiography and fluoroscopy".

There is no clear mention to CT imaging and x-ray projection technology is NOT similar to CT on
many aspects) ... so, we have serious doubt on this software usefulness for CT.

So, the questions are:
1- Is there somebody among you that has any experience with PCXMC?
2- If 1 is 'yes', can this soft assess a CT ED ?
3- If 3 is 'yes', is this software easily customizable to any user settings and hardware-dependent
parameters (related to the kind of CT system used)?

Thank you in advance for any answers !!

Greetings from sunny Belgium !!


PS: we know that the best method for ED assessment is hardware ... but it is very (too?) heavy for
every-day practise.

PPS: yes, Belgium can be sunny !!


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