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Mahar, Andrew
06-28-2005, 02:36 AM
Hi all,

Our research group is pursuing some hip biomechanics research related to the
ligamentum teres and were hoping to find a cadaveric animal model that would
be appropriate. We "like" the immature pig hip but our vendor has had an
extremely difficult time obtaining enough for a typical in-vitro
biomechanics study. Thus, we are considering a sheep model instead. We
would prefer anatomy that is somewhat dimensionally similar to our
adolescent population. I would be very thankful to anyone who can recommend
some other companies that would provide this type of service (access to
animal tissue). Due to shipping costs/reasons, continental US animal tissue
vendors are a priority.

Seems like this might be relevant to the folks doing in-vitro orthopedic
biomechanics research, so I will be sure to post a reply. I did a quick
archive search and remarkably found "no hits", although I think that might
have something to do with the string list.

Kind regards to all,


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