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Don Hoover
07-06-2005, 05:35 AM

We have an APAS system and wish to build a deskstop CPU that will allow
us to collect data in real time from either four (4) cameras OR from one
(1) A/D board (never at the same time), giving us a need for a unit with
five (5) open PCI expansion ports. However, many manufacturers have
gone away from CPUs configured with so many open expansion ports. Our
IT consultant on campus has come up with a possible solution using the
newer technology of the PCI express. Consequently, we're very
interested in learning if others have successfully used the PCI express
application to capture with multiple cameras simultaneously with APAS
(or a similarly designed motion analysis system), learing about
potential caveats of this hardware configuration, etc. More technical
specifications are listed below.

The motherboard on this computer has 2 PCI express slots and I have
ordered 2 firewire cards that are built to work with PCI express. These
will support 2 cameras each. There are also regular PCI slots on the
motherboard so the analog card that you get from the company will work
just fine.

PCI will transfer 133 MB/sec from a peripheral device.
PCI express will transfer 250MB/sec from a peripheral device.
The increase in bandwith availability in the PCI express architecture
will allow for 2 cameras to utilize the card without loss of data.

I will compile and post the results of this query. Thanks in advance,

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