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07-06-2005, 10:57 PM
Position Announcement:
Biomedical Engineer position available at the VA Rehabilitation Research Centers of Excellence and University of Florida Brooks Center for Rehabilitation Studies Human Motor Performance Laboratory (HMPL) in Gainesville, Florida. The 2500 sq. ft HMPL is located at the Malcom Randall VA Medical Center and is a joint effort of the Department of Veteran Affairs and the University of Florida. The laboratory provides state-of-the-art measurement and analysis of normal and abnormal human movement and metabolic function particularly among individuals with mobility limitations, as well as a separate room for speech motor function testing to study speech, swallowing, and respiration in normal and patient populations.

The motor performance laboratory features equipment capable of collecting kinematic, kinetic, electromyographic, strength, and metabolic data-and as such, provides for development and testing of new rehabilitation interventions. This state-of-the-art laboratory includes several unique pieces of equipment to study human locomotion: a custom-made split-belt instrumented treadmill able to collect bilateral three-dimensional ground reaction forces and moments during treadmill and overground locomotion, a custom-made overhead partial body weight support system that allows both treadmill and overground locomotion, a Lokomat Robotic step training system, and a custom made dual-servomotor pedaling ergometer system that allows for split-crank pedaling experiments to investigate bilateral coordination of locomotion. The laboratory also includes some conventional state-of-the-art equipment: a Vicon motion capture system with eight two-megapixel-cameras, a Konigsburg 16-channel telemetry EMG system, a Biodex isokinetic dynamometer, workstations for data processing and musculoskeletal modeling, a Cosmed portable breathe-by-breathe metabolic analyzer, a Tekscan system for measuring in-shoe pressure, a Robomedica partial body weight supported treadmill system for locomotor training and other specialized instruments.

The speech motor function laboratory features equipment for collecting peripheral and central airway resistance data, spirometric data for examining lung function and surface electromyography equipment for examining respiratory and swallow muscle function and pattern. Swallow function can be further examined using digital imaging of the oral, esophageal and laryngeal structures during videoflouroscopic examination. High quality microphones and recording instrumentation along with programmed MATLAB software allow speech to be analyzed in order to define intelligibility, voice quality and prosody characteristics of a variety of patient groups.

Job Posting #1:
Biomedical Engineer (VA Position)

There is a contract position for a Biomedical Engineer to work on a VA-funded research project (funded for four years) . Preference will be given to those who can start immediately. At least a BS degree in biomedical engineering or a related field is required. A Masters degree plus substantial experience is strongly preferred. Benefits are included with the position and the salary is competitive and commensurate with experience.

The successful applicant must be highly creative and ingenious in order to bring state-of-the-art engineering, science, and technology to the direct benefit of the disabled. He/She is expected to exercise originality and apply innovative techniques and strategies to develop apparatus and methods for testing important scientific hypotheses related to the disabled.

The successful applicant must interact professionally with disabled individuals, clinicians, and other individuals or groups. Effective and innovative presentation skills in writing and speaking are required. He/She must demonstrate self-motivation and enthusiasm. Primary responsibilities are to provide day-to-day support for laboratory operation and maintenance, preparation for, scheduling of and assistance during experimental sessions, and data reduction and analysis.

Basic engineering skills:
Experience designing simple electronic circuits, and designing and machining parts for modification of laboratory equipment using standard machine shop tools.

Knowledge of measuring human anthropometric, kinetic, kinematic and EMG data. Experience in the specification, configuration, integration, calibration and maintenance of such instruments as dynamometers, force plates, optical encoders, 3-D motion analysis systems, EMG systems, amplifiers, goniometers, and computers.

Ideally, at least one year of experience with 3-D motion analysis systems.

Analysis and reduction of experimental data:
Experience with PC and UNIX workstation computers, system administration, signal-processing programs, database programs, statistical analysis programs and plotting programs. Experience developing new data processing programs in computer languages such as MATLAB, C and FORTRAN. Experience with programming in LABVIEW for data acquisition and control of servomotors
Preparation of graphical figures and slides:
Experience with presentation graphics software and production of effective slides and posters.

Stroke rehabilitation research:
Experience in performing and assessing the results of experimental protocols involving subjects with chronic hemiplegia subsequent to stroke.

Job Posting #2:
Post-Doctoral Research Associate

There are several mechanisms for funding post-doctoral research depending on the applicant's credentials in engineering, clinical or other disciplines. All candidates interested in multi-disciplinary human locomotor research that ultimately supports the development and testing of new rehabilitation interventions (predominantly in persons post-stroke and SCI) are encouraged apply. Researchers will have access to the clinical infrastructure of the VA Brain Rehabilitation Research Center (subject recruitment, screening, IRB assistance and clinical collaborators), in addition to the HMPL resources.

Please send vita/resume and a list of three references to
hmpl@phhp.ufl.edu (preferred) or by mail:

Steve Kautz
Brain Rehabilitation Research Center
Malcom Randall VA Medical Center (151A)
1601 SW Archer Road
Gainesville FL 32608-1197

We will begin interviews immediately for the biomedical engineering position, and anticipate closing it by July 24th.

Post-doc applications will be considered until filled.

Steve Kautz, PhD
Director, VA Rehabilitation Research Centers of Excellence and
University of Florida Brooks Center for Rehabilitation Studies Human
Motor Performance Laboratory


Brain Rehabilitation Research Center
Malcom Randall VA Medical Center (151A)
1601 SW Archer Road
Gainesville FL 32608-1197
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Brooks Center for Rehabilitation Studies
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