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07-10-2005, 05:37 PM
I'm not sure what you are exactly looking for, is this new research that has
been conducted in the last six months or so? If not here is one list of
relevant research, there are many more.


Randy Dixon
Harlingen, TX USA

Dear Colleagues,

Recently we had a discussion on this topic on the Aus ergo list server.
Leanne Loch told us that there has been some research by the Physiology
department of the University of Queensland by Caroline Richardson and Paul
Hodges. They have been developing treatment that is directed at retraining
the back stabilization muscles (primarily the transversis abdominis and
multifidus) by isolated activation in order to promote their stabilizing
function just prior to movement. The idea is that once their coordinated
activation can be established, endurance work can be commenced.