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07-11-2005, 01:09 PM

Thanks for all of those references; from what I have read so far it appears
that there is little serious disagreement with the muscle endurance
concept, that is the main thing (though a few people have questioned the
need for exercises to enhance it and/or their effectiveness)

And thanks for the deluge of private messages from the rest of you! From
what you are all telling me it looks as if many countries have now come to
terms with this question in the rehab field (especially Canada and

I am not so sure about the many advocates of stretch exercises, workplace
fitness programs and "work hardening" systems. Has anyone researched the
trends in those fields lately? My impression is that they are still very
gung ho about advocating strenuous athlete-type muscle-strengthening
exercises for one and all.

Has anyone any comments on current evidence-based clinical guidelines for
the management of acute low back pain on the web such as those prepared for
the Australasian Faculty Of Musculoskeletal Medicine i.e. Bogduk (1999)?




“Evidence-Based Clinical Guidelines For The Management Of Acute Low Back
prepared by Nick Bogduk for the Australasian Faculty Of Musculoskeletal
Medicine. These guidelines are found on their website: