View Full Version : isokinetic lifting:call for help

Stephane Bouilland
10-10-1993, 07:54 PM
Dear suscribers,

I'm beginning a thesis, trying to compare forces and moments at lumbar
level in natural lifting and isokinetic lifting.
I'm looking for recent articles on following subjects :

- Lifting and Low Back Pain
- Multybody model of human body
- Inverse Dynamics
- Isokinetic Movement
- Kinemetic and Dynamic Model of Rachis
- Influence of age, sexe, weight... on rachis geometry
- Correlation between external markers and internal position of vertebraes

Could you, please, sent me references or even papers to this adress :


Universite de Valenciennes
Laboratoire d'Automatique Industrielle et Humaine.
Le Mont Houy
59300 Valenciennes

Thank you very much by advance.

Stephane Bouilland.