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07-19-2005, 11:19 AM
Hi All:

I am currently looking for literature that has addressed the issue of
automatically and objectively determining movement onset in a clinical
setting. We are working with a stroke population in an upper limb reaching
task where standard movement onset identification techniques (ie.
velocity/position/acceleration thresholds) do not readily apply. My search
into the literature has been slow and not yielded anything in particular,
which may be because my knowledge is largely limited to upper limb tasks. I
am hoping that this forum can direct me to some appropriate articles on the
matter either in upper limb or any other specific application.

I will gladly compile and post a summary of responses.


Jedrzej (Andrew) Pruszynski
M.Sc Candidate, Neuroscience, Queen's
B.Ap.Sci Honors, Systems Engineering, SFU '04