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unknown user
11-21-1988, 07:18 AM
Dear subscribers,

Now that the number of subscribers has grown to 23, I thought
I could mention about another service, namely Life Science
Research Server (LifeSci) running on the mainframe computer
at Technion. Its purpose is to enhance communication among
people in the life related fields (medicine, physiology,
psychology etc.). For a list of commands you should send
HELP LIST command to RPRLSCI@TECHNION. Commands are accepted
via MAIL (command written on a first line on the mail) or
interactive MESSAGE. HELP NEWUSER command will send a file
introducing how to register.

Subscribers of LifeSci can create topics according to their
wishes, they can search the addresses of subscribers in
different topics and submit text to any topic they have
subscribed to. This server can work as an additional forum
besides different distribution lists that exist in EARN/
BITNET. I have created there topics for fields of SUGARS
(Glycoproteins, Glycolipids and proteoglycans) and EXTRA-
CELLULAR MATRIX. Unfortunately, the action has so far been
quite dead, so I'm trying to spread the information of
these topics more widely to the researchers in these fields.

Mikko Lammi,
Department of Anatomy,
University of Kuopio, Finland