View Full Version : Listserv and Biomch-L

Herman J. Woltring
02-15-1990, 11:17 PM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

In view of some recent misunderstandings on LISTSERV and BIOMCH-L, let me
mention once again that BIOMCH-L@HEARN.EARN (or .BITNET) is the address for
posting messages to the list, while LISTSERV@HEARN is the address for admin-
istrative requests such as SUBSCRIBE, SIGNOFF, (NO)CONCEAL, INDEX listname,
REVIEW BIOMCH-L (COUNTRIES, and the like. Any of such messages sent to
BIOMCH-L@HEARN will merely inform the readership of the apparent intention,
but not result in the requested information.

Herman J. Woltring, Eindhoven/NL.