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08-05-2005, 01:26 AM
Dear BiomcH-L members,

A question, mainly to those who may have undertaken in vitro studies of the
ankle joint. We have been trying to establish the role of the various
components at the ankle joint, looking at tendons and ligaments, through a
sequential sectioning experiment whilst measuring the the force applied to
move the ankle joint through some angle, say to dorsiflex.

Some of our results seem strange and very interesting, in that the tendon
sheaths seem to have a counterbalancing function. This is too early to be
certain but would anyone like to share their thoughts or better still

As you can guess the implication can be significant, specially when
considering how orthopaedic surgery may disrupt this counterbalancing
effect by ignoring the role played by various components.

I will post a summary or responses later


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