View Full Version : Pediatic Body Segment Parameters?

Jeremy Bauer
08-06-2005, 05:02 AM
Good Day,

I've been working with children for quite a few years now in our Bone
Research Laboratory and Biomechanics Laboratory and have always used
Jensen's photogrammetry based regression equations to estimate pediatric
body segment parameters (4).

For those of you who work with children regularly, what methods do you use
to estimate pediatric body segment parameters in gait labs and pediatric
clinics/children's hospitals?

Does anyone know of other efforts to quantify/study pediatric body segment
parameters other than the following research?

1. Jensen R. K. (1978) Estimation of the biomechanical properties of three
body types using a photogrammetric method. J Biomech 11(8-9):349-58.

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8. Yokoi T., Shibukawa, K, Ae, M. (1986) Body segment parameters of Japanese
children. Jpn J Phys Ed 31:53-66.

Thank you for your time and input!

Jeremy Bauer
Oregon Sate University
Bone Research Laboratory
Biomechanics Laboratory