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Auke Ijspeert
08-09-2005, 12:52 AM
AMAM2005, Sept 25-30 2005, Ilmenau, http://www.tu-ilmenau.de/amam

Dear Biomch-l suscribers,

Researchers working on any aspect related to the adaptive control of
movement and locomotion in animals and robots might be interested in
participating to AMAM2005, the Third International Symposium on Adaptive
Motion in Animals and Machines. The symposium will take place at the
Technische Universitšt Ilmenau, Germany, from September 25th to
September 30th, 2005. The two previous symposia in Montreal and Kyoto,
which brought together researchers in neurobiology, biomechanics, neural
computation, and robotics, were very exciting and fruitful events.

The program is now fixed, see http://www.tu-ilmenau.de/amam , but there
is the opportunity to submit an abstract to a special
*"last-minute-results" poster session*, see the CFP below, and* to bring
robots to participate to public robot demonstrations*, see
http://www.tu-ilmenau.de/amam (Robot Data Sheet link).

To hold keynotes ("Basics & Advances in ...") we have confirmations from
the following colleagues:

Biology & Mechanics:
*Roy Ritzmann*, Movement Through Complex Terrain: From Animals to
Robots and Back I
*Martin S. Fischer*, Movement Through Complex Terrain: From Animals
to Robots and Back II
Biology & Control:
*Sten Grillner*, The Neural control of vertebrate locomotion - from
ion channels to behavior
*Auke Jan Ijspeert*, Pattern generators in the central nervous
system: numerical models and applications to robotics
*Werner Nachtigall*, Technical Biology - Basis for Bionical
Realization (supported by BioKoN)
*Rudolf Bannasch*, The German Bionics Competence Network "BioKoN"
(supported by BioKoN)
*Rolf Pfeifer*, Morphological computation: connecting body, brain
and environment (supported by BioKoN)
Robotics & Control:
*Ruediger Dillmann*, Title to be announced
*Vladimir V. Beletsky*, Regular and Chaotic Dynamics of Two-Legged
Robotics & Mechanics:
*Martin Buehler*, Legged Robots Step Outside
*Fumiya Iida*, Cheap Design Approach to Adaptive Behavior: Walking
and Sensing through Body Dynamics

With best regards,

Hartmut Witte, Hiroshi Kimura, and Auke Ijspeert on behalf of the AMAM
organizing committee.

Call for last-minute-results posters:_

Researchers are invited to submit a one-page abstract describing their
most recent results/developments. The call for abstracts is open to all
(i.e. to people both with and without an accepted paper at the
conference). There is a limit of one abstract/poster per participant as
a first author. After a quick review by the conference chairs, authors
of accepted abstracts will be invited to present their results as a
poster in a special Last-Minute-Results session (short oral spotlight
presentation + poster presentation). Note that the abstracts will not be
included in the conference proceedings, but will be included in a
special booklet. The* deadline for submission is September 10^th *, but
can be submitted at any time from now on. We will try to review
submissions and return a notification within one week. Please email your
abstracts to amam@tu-ilmenau.de