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08-11-2005, 09:09 AM
Dear all,
We are currently trying to determine the best model for physiotherapists who are working in our gait lab.
I would be grateful if those working in hospital and university settings could answer these questions and reply to me at the address below.

1. Environment of Gait/Motion Analysis laboratory

2. Type of clients/reason for referrals
Surgery (pre or post op)
Pharmacological treatment (Botox, Baclofen etc)

3. How many analyses do yo complete each fortnight (or other time period)?

4. How many hours do you work in the motion analysis laboratory to complete this number of analyses?

5. Please indicate
whether you personally perform the following tasks,
where you perform them (lab, separate consult room or another venue), and when you perform them (before analysis date, on day of analysis or after analysis)

- make appointments
- send out information sheets re 3DGA
- musculoskeletal assessment
-musculoskeletal report
- split screen videos
- observational gait analysis or similar based on s/s videos
-3-dimensional gait analyses
-3-dimensional gait analyses reports
- collation and mail out of 3DGA's
- COSMED energy expenditure analyses
- COSMED energy expenditure analyses reports

Thank you for your participation.I will post a summary of the results we have obtained.

Dr Robyn Grote
Senior Lecturer
School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
University of Queensland
Queensland Children's Gait Laboratory
Level 2 Coles Building
Royal Children's Hospital
Herston Road
Herston QLD 4029
Phone: (61 7 3636 1416)
Fax: (61 7 3636 5464)
Email: robyn_grote@health.qld.gov.au

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