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08-16-2005, 12:38 AM
Sometimes ago, I sent a request for inputs on a good dynamic balance testing
system. Basically, most people seemed to be familiar with NeuroCom EquiTest
and Biodex. Here are the responses I received with the original request.

Here I'd like to express my appreciation for all of the inputs I received
from the colleagues.

Songning Zhang

Original request -

We are interested in getting a balance measurement system that can not only
measure the static balance but also the dynamic balance (with tilting). I
am aware of Balance System by Biodex, EquiTest by NeuroCom, PROPRIOT 5000 by
Perry Dynamics, and SportKat 4000. Are there any other balance systems out
there, which are suitable for both static and dynamic balance measurements?
Any comments on pros and cons of these systems? Your inputs are greatly
appreciated. I will post a summary to the list.

Songning Zhang, Ph.D.

Associate Professor & Director

Biomechanics/Sports Medicine Lab

The University of Tennessee


Personally I have worked with two systems for balance control studies. One
was the Equitest System and one was a system of unique design that I and my
coinvestigators created for threshold static balance and translation work.

The only comment I have is that if you intend to do threshold studies the
Equitest System is not likely the best choice (I'm not sure about the other
systems you mentioned). This system tends to produce a vibration during
translational and rotational motion, and to some extent when static, that is
confounding to the subject when the command input is very small. Other than
this the Equitest system has worked very well as a gross movement system for
the study of motor adaptation and static balance control.

Robert Vanya

Biomedical Engineer

Wyle Laboratories Inc.

Neuroscience Laboratories

NASA Johnson Space Center


Dear Songning,

We got your message about "Balance measurement systems" forwarded by a
Our footscanR systems do have a balance software.

I have included a PP-presentation about our systems, so you can have an idea
about the specifications. And also a PDF with product description of a
Balance 1m (3feet) system. In the presentation we have pictures from our
Gait software, but also the Balance software can be used on the same
platforms. And with the 3D box, you can choose your measuring speed (from
1Hz to 500Hz)

If you want you can always visit us on one of our next exhibits and
congresses we participate at in the US:
- ACSM Annual Meeting, June 1-4, Nashville, Tennessee
- ISB Footwear symposium, July 27-29, Cleveland, OH
- ISB meeting, July 31 - August 3, Cleveland, OH

We can also give a demo around these dates, in that case, please let me know
before April 30.

More information and publications can be found on our website www.rsscan.com
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!

Best regards,

Tim Lens

RSscan International
Lammerdries 27
2250 Olen


We have the Biodex system and it is good for treatment as well as assessment
and has a Fall Protocol as I recall. The Neurocom is more expensive but
gives more detailed patient examination information. Others I am not
familiar with. Good luck.

Loretta M. Knutson, PhD, PCS, PT

Professor, Physical Therapy

Southwest Missouri State University

901 South National Ave

Springfield, Mo 65804


Are you interested in clinical or research applications? As I believe all
measure center of pressure forces the real question is what amplitudes and
velocities you want to test and the extent to which you want to be able to
program the equipment. I have experience with the NeuroCom Systems both the
Equitest with the data acquisition software which allows the user some
flexibility and the new research platform. Please feel free to give me a
call or email me with specific questions.


Diane M. Wrisley, PhD, PT, NCS

Assistant Professor, Dept of Rehabilitation Science

Director, Balance and Posture Laboratory

University at Buffalo

School of Public Health and Health Professions

515 Kimball Tower

3435 Main St.

Buffalo, NY 14214