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08-18-2005, 02:04 PM
Hi there,

I am looking for regression equations to calculate RMR in children, both male and female, age 8-16. From what Iíve read, there seems to be some agreement that the recommended equations by FAO/WHO/UNU, Robertson & Reid, and the Mayo Clinic tend to overestimate actual RMR.

Can anyone share some insight as to what RMR regression equations may be more suitable for children? Iíve seen equations published by Molnar et al. (1995), Maffeis et al. (1993), and Tverskaya et al. (1998), but itís not clear how these have been accepted.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Iíll publish a summary of the responses.


Tyrone Chou
Product Manager
Dynastream Innovations, Inc.