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08-24-2005, 01:46 PM
Hi lists,

I've acquired some digital video files taken simultaneously from 3
orthogonally mounted webcams (front, overhead, side views). The video was
taken in very close confines and is of a workers upper body/head activity.

The system which controls the videos and creates the files is called
"Tracer" and, I think, was designed for surveillance purposes.
Unfortunately, it produces a separate video file (the file extension is
".smf") for each of the 3 cameras; and the playback software (called "Media
Player" Ver.2.1.2, 2003, by Giantec Inc) only allows one file to be loaded
at a time for viewing.

So far, the only way I've found to see all three views at once is to open
the playback program 3 times, load one file into each, then try to manually
synchronise the 3 using the on-screen time-stamp and the play/pause buttons
- extremely cumbersome; must be re-done every time the video is paused
(because pressing 3 pause buttons one after the other throws the sync out

Has anyone experience with either combining such video files and/or with
alternative software that can cope with 3 files and allow (and maintain)
their synchronisation (and, possibly, whether they need to be converted to
some other file type)???

The system designers don't appear to have envisaged that synchronous
playback of more than one camera might be desired (even though it's designed
to simultaneously record from multiple cameras). I think it may be possible
using the actual DVR which recorded them in the first place, but not if the
files are taken away for analysis on a PC or laptop. ....but the system was
inherited for free, so what can you do....?

Any thoughts, advice or assistance will be very much appreciated. If any is
forthcoming, a summary will certainly be posted.

Thanks in anticipation,

Max Hely.


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