View Full Version : Relationship between height, weight and surface of a person

Lise Tvedt
09-02-2005, 12:43 AM
Hi all,
I have a problem where it would be really useful to know the
relationship between the height, weight and surface area of the back of
a person. In V.Zatsiorsky and V.Seluyanov's "The Mass and Inertia
Characteristics of the Main Segments of the Human Body" I found some
useful equations to calculate the predicted mass of different body
segments. In addition to this I need to know the weight per area of the
upper body for a person lying down facing up. Does anyone have any
knowledge about this or know any sources where it is possible to find
out these things for different kinds of body structures?

Thank you!

Lise Tvedt - master student, NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and

Lise Tvedt

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