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09-04-2005, 08:03 PM
PhD position (BAT IIa/2) in Jena open
for the DFG research project “Muscle-tendon-properties of small mammals

Eigenschaften des Muskel-Sehnen-Komplexes kleiner Säuger“

In the line of the DFG research project “Muscle-tendon-properties of
small mammals” a PhD position is open at the institute of Sportscience
(section: Science of Motion). The position is limited for two years, but
it could be prolonged potentially.

The aim of the project is the experimental estimation of muscle-tendon
properties of small mammals. Especially the adjustment to different
tasks like shock absorption, maximum power, damping and stabilisation
will be investigated. (compare e.g. : Wagner et al. (2005) „ISOFIT: a
model-based method to measure muscle–tendon properties simultaneously”
http://www.springerlink.com/app/home/issue.asp?wasp=e49e2db21a924b35944bbd677f4b975c&referrer=parent&backto=journal,1,13;linkingpublicationresults,1:10 9377,1).

Due to extensive experimental works the candidate (preferably zoologist
with programming knowledge or a physicist with biological knowledge)
should be interested in physiological questions concerning muscles and
their experimental realisation.

The candidate should have an above-average motivation and dedication. He
will have to co-operate with an interdisciplinary group of sport
scientists, biologists, medics, physicists and engineers.

Please send your application until 1.10.05 to the following address.

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Blickhan

Science of Motion
Institute of Sportscience
D-07749 Jena

Tel: +49 (3641) 9 45701
Fax: +49 (3641) 9 45702