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09-14-2005, 10:56 AM
The Institute of Biological Engineering
Announces the

for students

Submit a 1000 to 1200 word, original essay on one of the two topics
below by December 15, 2005, to be a part of the contest. Contest win-
ners will be announced at the 2006 annual meeting of the Institute of
Biological Engineering on March 10-12 in Tucson, Arizona. Cash
awards are $100 for first place, $75 for second place, and $50 for
third place. The first place winner will receive complimentary
meeting registration and will present the essay at the meeting.

Entries should be submitted in Word or PDF format to the following
email address: essay@ibeweb.org Undergraduate and graduate stu-
dents may apply. Please include essay title, your full name, your
program of study and the degree that you are seeking, your complete
mailing address, and your email address. IBE reserves the right to
disqualify any entry over 1200 words. All topic questions are the
property of IBE, and the winning entries will also become property
of IBE. IBE is not responsible for any possible difficulties in sub-
mission. Only winners will be notified of results.

Topic 1: Create a two part essay to refute and defend this position
stated by a graduate student in biotechnology in reference to bio-
ethics: "My advisor and I are working on genetic engineering of
food crops with the goal of increasing world food production of rice,
wheat, and other grain crops. While at a conference in Europe this
year, my advisor was interrupted during a presentation and pied in
the face by an apparent protestor. People who are not scientists
and do not understand the technology have no right to criticize me
or my advisor. We are scientists who are pursuing a worthwhile goal
and we should not be criticized for trying to advance this

Topic 2: Jump into the future to a period where biotechnology and
bioengineering have advanced to the stage where we have artificial
eye implants with vision capabilities better than the human eye, arti-
ficial limbs that are interfaced seamlessly into the nervous system,
cosmetic implants that make everyone look like a super model, and
artificial hearts that can easily be implanted with no rejection or
failure worries. Discuss whether there is a threshold we cross in
replacing body tissues and parts where we lose the essential aspects
of being human. Does our desire to exceed the normal functioning
level of our body drive us inappropriately to pursue more and more
exotic technology?

Register for the 2006 IBE annual meeting at: www.ibeweb.org
Registration for the meeting begins October 3rd

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