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09-20-2005, 03:12 AM
Dear Biomech-L Readers,

I'm attempting to build an activity monitor, and I need a little help tracking down a company. I've seen in a few papers that make use of the Physilog by a company named BioAGM in Switzerland. This device appears it could be perfect for my needs given its size and recording capabilities. However, I am having difficulty finding this company's contact information in journal articles or on the internet. I am wondering if it has gone out of business or if it has been acquired by another firm. I'm very interested in learning more about the Physilog, so if you have any information regarding how I might contact BioAGM or find a spec sheet for the Physilog, I would really appreciate it if you would pass it on.


Brian Glaister
Research Assistant
University of Washington Department of Mechanical Engineering
Center of Excellence for Limb Loss Prevention and Prosthetic Engineering
VA Puget Sound Health Care System