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09-26-2005, 01:56 AM
The Motion Analysis Laboratory at the Center of Excellence for Limb Loss
Prevention and Prosthetic Engineering in Seattle, Washington is looking for
a highly motivated individual to join our research team.

The ideal candidate will have a masterís degree in biomechanics, human
performance, exercise science or kinesiology and a broad interest in gait
and motion analysis. The position requires demonstrated strong scientific
writing skills, experience with a Vicon motion system, including calibration
and validation, data collection and processing, model design and
construction using BodyBuilder and report design using Polygon. Additional
skills in running a grant-funded protocol, automated data reduction,
graphical display of numerical data, statistical methods, research design,
computer and LAN support, hands-on design and construction of devices would
be beneficial.

The laboratory is located in the Veterans Hospital on Beacon Hill in
Seattle, a vibrant city rich in cultural diversity with outstanding outdoor
recreational opportunities. Equipment includes a 12-camera Vicon 612
system, digital video, four force plates, a 16 channel Noraxon EMG system, a
Novel Pedar insole pressure system, a Novel Emed mat pressure system,
numerous load cells, accelerometers, thermistors, and other transducers as
well as a cadre of highly skilled engineers. The salary is +/- $43,517 and
commensurate with experience. Only those with US citizenship are eligible
for the position.

Interested individuals should submit a complete CV and 3 references to
morendurff@hotmail.com. Unofficial transcripts and 3 writing samples will
be needed later for select candidates.

Michael Orendurff
Research Health Scientist
Motion Analysis Laboratory Supervisor
Center of Excellence for Limb Loss Prevention and Prosthetic Engineering
Seattle, Washington