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Sindharta Tanuwijaya
10-03-2005, 12:26 AM
Hi all,

My name is Sindharta Tanuwijaya. I am a Computer
Science graduate student in Keio University, Japan and
I would like to ask a few questions. Perhaps my
questions are too easy to answer, since I hardly have
any Biology background, and I am sorry for that.

I already have morphological data which I believe is
good and quite complete, and is listed on
"http://mms.tudelft.nl/morph_data/main.htm", but
unfortunately, I am a little confused in reading or
interpreting it.

In the data files, it seems that there are many rows
for one muscle. I am wondering if it means that each
row means different muscles? Or they just mean that
they are from different sources ? There is also a
column between "Muscle" and
"Source" which has no description.

I would also like to know and compare ways to
calculate moment arms. I know one way to do it now,
which is to calculate the perpendicular distance from
line of force (the distance between origin and
insertion coordinates) to the axis of rotation
(joint). I am wondering if there are any other ways
for doing that ?

I think that is all for now, and thank you for your


Sindharta Tanuwijaya

P.S: If you'd like, I could also send you the
morphological data file.

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