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Clare Milner
10-04-2005, 11:58 PM

Here is a summary of the responses I received to my posting about sandals
for gait analysis.

Many thanks to everyone that took the time to share their experiences with


Clare Milner


Original posting:

Does anyone have any recommendations regarding sports sandals that are
suitable for use in gait analysis? I like the idea of putting markers
directly on the skin, but I realize that a sandal-type shoe would need to be
close fitting and not slide around to work well in this context. If you have
used a sandal for gait analysis and had either a good or bad experience, I’d
appreciate your comments and advice.


Dr. Milner,

I do a lot of hiking in my Chaco Z/2s and they're great for support and
don't slip over level ground. We used them when we were getting aquainted to
our VICON system, but haven't published anything. They're a bit heavy and
stiff (they have hiking boot soles) but might be a good option.




Hey Clare,

I had a very good experience with Rockport sandals, our subjects ran in them
just fine.

Best of luck,

Anne Mündermann


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I have used the Bite Sandals for rearfoot motion studies. Specifally, here
at UMASS we have a size range for the Xtendor, and the Xtension 2 OS.

The strap design allows for a snug fit. Also, they have removable footbeds
for foot orthoses.

They work quite well. I collected data on 52 subjects and all worked out
well, without any complaints. Trials were approximately 1 minute long at
3.3 - 8.9 mph (pretty fast). I think MacLean had some problems for very long
running trials.


Feel free to contact me for any other questions.



Ryan Chang MSc

Biomechanics Laboratory - University of Massachusetts


Dear Clare Milner,

We have used a light and flexible shoe - a gym shoe used in gymnastics. It
works fine and you can easily point out the anatomical landmarks. The
attached photo resembles more or less the type we use in our lab (we use the
black color).


Tine Alkjær

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I'd look into using sandals by Chaco. I've not used Chacos in the lab but
have walked hundreds of miles in my pair and can attest to their snugness,
as well as their comfort. I'm not wearing them right now ("business casual"
is not yet that casual) but one potential problem with Chacos is the
location of the strap near the 5th metatarsal.

Good luck.


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Hi Dear,

Do you mind to send me responses to your email about sport sandals?i am
working on foot ortotics for my thesis and i would like to try them inserted
into the sandals as well.

Thank you in advance




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