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Bernard Landjerit
10-18-1993, 03:29 AM
For non participants in the 4th International Symposium on Computer
Simulation in Biomechanics (Paris-Montlignon June 30 to July 2nd 1993),
there are some abstracts still available from my following address.

The abstract book contains 66 four pages papers and two "general lecture"
papers , relative to the following topics:

Movement biomechanics: general considerations. (8 papers)
Locomotion Biomechanics. (6 papers)
Rehabilitation Biomechanics. (4 papers)
Sports Biomechanics. (14 papers)
Joint and Bone Biomechanics, with Finite Element Method. ( 15 papres)
Joint Biomechanics, without FEM. (6 papers)
Tissues, Cells and Muscular Biomechanics. (5 papres)
System control Biomechaniccs. (3 papers)
Cardio-vascular and Respiratory Biomechanics. (5 papers)

General Lectures:
Blood Cell in Biomechanics.13 pages.
Persival: a horse simulator. 6 pages.

Price in French Francs is 200, including regitered mail cost. ( 1 kg weight,
about 300 pages).

Payment in advance by check drawn in "Francs francais", to the order of
"AASCI" and sent at my following address is requested.

All other taxes and charges were on sender's acount.

A settled invoice and a list/address of participants will be sent in the

Please, note that before sending an order, ask me if there are still
abstract books available.
Laboratoire d'Etude du Mouvement
CER, Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Arts et Metiers
151 Boulevard de l'Hopital
Tel et Fax: +33/1-44 24 63 65