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A. Knicker
10-18-1993, 08:00 PM
Dear BIOMCH-L users!

I recently started a project on short term adaptation of calcaneal
bone structure to different midsole stiffnesses of running shoes. I am
rather familiar with testing common loading factors in running like
pressure distribution, in-shoe pronation etc. but have some problems
concerning the quantification of the NMR images we took. What we are
now doing is to scan the images for the calcaneal portion and compare
the signals power outcome to that of a reference body. However this
leads to wonderful lists of numbers it is not at all a satisfactory
output as it does not reveal what structural disposition is
responsible for signal variations.
Is there anybody who knows a better way of getting information on
bone structure out of NMR images or can tell some related literature
on that topic.
Another question is whether anybody knows a way to read the image
data stored on tapes of a "PICKER-NMR" on a "SUN-Classic"
I would appreciate any assistance and comments or suggestions for
methods other than NMR imaging to handle the problem of getting
reliable information on bone structure.
With kind regards


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