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10-16-2005, 04:38 PM
In the orthopaedics clinical practice it is common to assess the
health status and the clinical outcome of certain procedures such as
joint replacement by means of questionnaires to be filled by the
doctor or by the patient directly. Typical examples are the Harris
hip score or the Womac.

many of these questionnaires have questions related to the physical
activity of the patient, but all aims to assess the level of
disability the patient is experiencing, through questions such as
"are you able to climb a fly of stairs?".

While this is perfectly appropriate for elder patients, the
indications of joint replacements are constantly expanding, and we
are now dealing with younger patients, many of which return to a
physically active life after the operation. This opens new scenarios
for the biomechanics research of prosthetic devices, which are now
exposed to much heavier load histories than in less active patients.
It is thus essential to assess, possibly with a questionnaire, if the
patient enjoys a physically active life, and and how intensive is the
loading he or she impose to the prosthetic joint.

Is anybody aware if there is a questionnaire already validated that
aims to assess the level of activity, rather than the level of
disability, even in slightly different clinical contexts?

If nothing is already available, do you think it would make sense to
try to develop and validate one, possibly through a consensus process
within our community?



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