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David Dean
10-19-1993, 07:56 AM
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Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1993 09:45:31 +0100
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From: Andreas Wildberger
Subject: Specific information about "menisci and the lca"
A week ago, a friend of mine who is a M.D. called and asked me how to get
information about a very specific medical subject on the Net. Since I don't
work at all in this field, I told him to write a short message about what
he is looking for, which I would then forward to some medical discussion
lists. I am sorry if the list in which I am posting this note does not at
all discuss problems like the one described below, but please forward it to
any list or person who might be able to help. Thanks a lot!
Andreas Wildberger

Here is the message:

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My name is Harald Boszotta M.D. and at the moment I'm doing research on

"The connection or functional unit of the posterior horn of the lateral
menisci and the anterior cruciate ligament".

I have made the experience that in over 90% of acute tears of the lca
concommitant lesions of the lateral menisci are found. To my knowledge this
subject has not been fully investigated in the common literature
(anatomical as well as orthopedic).

Do YOU know any literature or anatomical studies in this context? I would
appreciate any hints about abstracts, ongoing research, unpublished working
papers, personal contacts (addresses).
Thank you for answering to my friend Andreas
(wildberg@nestroy.wu-wien.ac.at) who will give the information to me!

Harald Boszotta

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