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Beverly Cusick
11-03-2005, 12:08 AM

I'm coming to the UK to present 1-day courses on
November 14 (Coventry) and 18 (London), 2005.

These programs pertain to the safe and effective
uses for TheraTogs for children with and without
CNS dysfunction, and for adults with ataxia, TBI,
stroke, and orthopedic problems related to
pathokinesiology and pathomechanics.

The course content addresses developmental
orthopedics, skeletal and joint modeling
mechanisms and events, and problem-related TheraTogs strapping applications.

In the UK, see www.remployhealthcare.com/events.html . for details.

In the USA, see www.theratogs.com/courses.html .

Regards -

Beverly Cusick, PT, MS

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