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11-07-2005, 11:08 AM
Dear Colleagues,

On November 2nd I asked the following question:

We have in our lab a Cybex isokinetic dynamometer that we are having
difficulty with. One of the problems is, when we are in set-up mode and
weighing the limb the limb weight will not register, and thus set-up will
fail. On other occasions, if set-up is completed and a test is run the test
results won't print into a Report format. However, when we check to see if
the raw data was transferred from the Cybex to the computer system it was,
and the data can be viewed in its raw form.

If any other school or research faculty has any comments on either of these
issues we would be greatly appreciative. Also, we are in the process of
trying to find a company to service the Cybex and are having difficulty
locating one. Does anyone know of any companies that service the Cybex
isokinetic dynamometer and the computer software that operates the system?

I received a fair number of response to the above question. The vast
majority recommended that I contact the following company, or at least view
their website:

Did you try CSMI Solutions @ http://www.csmisolutions.com/home2.shtml

An additionally response to the question was as follows:

I have just been trying to set up our Cybex and we have a PowerLab A/D
converter and the software that goes with it. I seem to be working
although we have not done any test yet.
hope this helps

I want to thank all of those who took the time to reply to my question,
greatly appreciated.



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