View Full Version : Ankle Replacement and Treatment

John Kiffmeyer
11-14-2005, 03:37 AM
I subscribed to this list a while back while looking for data on ankle
fractures and recieved alot of good information. I am writting to ask for
some info and advice on an ankle fracture that I recieved in May of 2002.

The kayaking accident resulted in the fracture of the Tibia/Fibula on the
left ankle and Tibia/Fibula/Talus of the right. The issue that I am most
concerned with is in the right ankle.

The Talus was broken in half and the back part dislocated and rotated about
90 degrees. I underwent 2 surgeries and still have 3 screws in the talus of
the right ankle. Recently, on a checkup because of some severe arthritis, i
found that i have avascular necrosis in the top portion of the talus on the
right ankle. I have a MRI and CT scan scheduled for later this month to
find how much necrosis is present.

This brought up the options of some minor things, along with some options in
anke fusion and total ankle replacement. This is why i am writting to this
group. The prospects of fusion seem to limit me in the future and being I
am reletively young, 30 years old, I would like to not have such a premenat
thing done. So I am thinking that total ankle replacement would be the best
option, but i am wondering about where the best studies are being done and
if any of you know of any type of trial or experimental type of ankle
reconstruction that is happening and what universities and hospitals might
be best in this regard.

I very much appreciate your time and any assistance that you might offer.

John Kiffmeyer
Asheville, NC