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11-14-2005, 09:37 PM

The following PhD Scholarship is currently available in the School of Sport
and Exercise Sciences, University of Birmingham:

Title: Modelling The Mechanical Interaction Of Forces Between The Musculo
Skeletal System Of A Rower And Boat

Supervised by Dr Trevor Gardner (T.Gardner@Bham.ac.uk for more details).

A model will be developed of the mechanical interaction between the musculo
skeletal system of a rower and a boat through interfaces at the oar handle,
foot stretchers and seat. This will be accomplished through performing an
inverse dynamics analysis of the kinematics and kinetics of the rowing
stroke. This analysis will form an addition to our existing computerised
model of rowing mechanics based initially upon the simulation by Brearley
and de Mestre, (1998).

More details of the application procedure can be found at the following
site: http://www.sportex.bham.ac.uk/postgraduate/phd.htm

Informal enquiries / applications can be made by emailing Dr Martin Edwards
(Admissions Tutor: M.Edwards.1@bham.ac.uk)

Many thanks

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