View Full Version : how to identify passive peak point on GRF data curve

Dai Nishikawa
11-15-2005, 11:57 AM
Dear everyone

I am currently collecing ground reaction force data while subjects are
performing load carriage. As a research training, I have been finding the
passive and active peaks of the vertical comonent of the GRF manually on
Excel and found that in one subject there were two or even three passive
peaks (i.e. more than one dint before the first active peak). I am wondering
if this is purely to do with the placement of the force plate or because of
the individual characteristics in walking. If the latter is the case, would
you please care to advise me how to judge which dint on the first part of
the GRF curve to consider as the passive peak point.

Best regards
Dai Nishikawa

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