View Full Version : summary of identification of GRF passive and active peak points

Dai Nishikawa
11-24-2005, 07:16 PM
Dear everyone

I have received a few, but kind responses to my question regarding
identification of passive and peak points in ground reaction curves produced
gained from load carriage walking trails. I regard it as an etiqutte to post
a summary of my correspondence. Basically, the jagged parts in GRF curves
that appeared are very likely to be artefacts and it is normally due to
vibration of the force plate. However, in my experiment, the force plate was
kept checked to be flush with the floor and therefore, the cause of
artefacts in the GRF curves is still unsure.

P.S. the sever did not accept the excel files and I could not send the GRF
data out.

Best regards
Dai Nishikawa

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