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12-08-2005, 06:49 PM
Dear Biomch-l readers,
I am actually a PhD student in Biomechanics. I am interested in solving the inverse dynamics problem for estimating moments of force produced at joints. I red several articles on this topic and have noticed that two methods are frequently used.
(i) On the one hand, the inverse dynamics problem has been solved by Bresler and Frankel (1950) using a free body diagram. They used equations taking into account components of the linear acceleration of centroid of segments.
(ii) On the other hand, the inverse dynamics problem has been solved by Cappozzo et al. (1975) considering the lower limb as an articulated system of links. In this second method, equations were based on angular variables (angular displacement, velocity, and acceleration of limbs).

I would like to know the reason why authors would prefer choosing one method instead of the other.
Unfortunately, I did not find any paper comparing both methods. I would appreciate if someone may give me references.
Any comments would be most welcome. A summary of answers will be posted.
Violaine Sevrez