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10-22-1993, 03:01 AM
22th of October, 1993

Annual Meeting of the Society for Experimental Biology,
Swansea, UK, 11-15th April 1994
Session on 'Biomechanics of Growth and Form',
14th of April 1994

Dear Colleague,

I would like to draw your attention to the above session on
biomechanical aspects of 'Growth and Form', which I am
organising for the Biomechanics Group of the Society
for Experimental Biology. In recent years, exciting advances
have been made in this area, and I am keen to receive
contributions from a variety of back grounds and levels of
structural organisation. Below you will find a preliminary
programme for the meeting.

If you would like to submit a paper or poster, please let me
know by the end of this month and supply the following
-Title of paper or poster
-Author's and co-authors' initials, names and affiliation.
-Full name and address of the person to whom all
correspondence should be addressed.

An abstract is required before the 14th of February 1994.

Other meetings which may be of interest to you are:
General Biomechanics, 13th of April, organised by Dr Iain
Young, Dept of Pure and Applied Biology, University of
Leeds, LS2 9JT, England, tel. 0532-431751, Fax. 0532-
Molecular Physiology of Growth, 12th and 13th of April,
organised by Dr. P. Loughna, Royal Vet. College, Royal
College St, London, NW1 0TU, England, tel. 071-3872898,
Fax. 071- 3882342.

Please, bring the conference to the attention to any
colleagues who might be interested.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Johan L. van Leeuwen
Department of Physiology
University of Leiden[B
Wassenaarseweg 62
PO Box 9604
NL-2300 RC Leiden
The Netherlands

tel. +31-(0)71-276766
fax. +31-(0)71-276782
email: vleeuwen@rullf2.LeidenUniv.nl


One day session (A14) on 14 April 1994 as part of the
Society for Experimental Biology Annual Meeting
Swansea, UK, 11-15 April 1994

Call for Contributed Papers and Posters

Prelimininary programme:

R. McNeill Alexander: Historical overview: from analogy to
G. Oster: Brownian ratchets & cell motility.
C. Mattheck: Studying shape optimization in plants and
animals using finite element models.
D.R. Carter: Mechanical regulation of skeletal development
and adaptation.
J.D. Currey: Growth, form and biomechanics of a multilayer
composite: narwal tusk
T. Arts: The cardiac fibre structure is a result of
equalization of mechanical load.
M. Muller: Shape optimization of semi-circular duct
M.J. Crook & A.R. Ennos: Root and stem structural
development in wheat