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PhD Scholarship - Disability Athletics
Closing Date: Monday 16th January 2006
Please submit your application either electronically to Sean
Tweedy at seant@hms.uq.edu.au or send to The School of Human Movement
Studies, Mrs Deb Noon, Administrative Officer (Research), The University
of Queensland QLD 4072.
Field of Study:
The successful applicant will contribute to the development and
validation of a new system of classification for disability athletics.
The project is endorsed by the Athletics Section of the International
Paralympic Committee.
Background to the Scholarship:
Classification is vital to all levels of disability athletics
(i.e., track and field), from grass-roots participation to the
Paralympic Games. The athletics classification systems are used to
determine whether a person is eligible to compete and, if the person is
eligible, against whom they should compete. For a person who is
eligible, the class they are assigned to compete in will profoundly
influence the degree of success they are likely to achieve and will
therefore have a potential impact upon their self-perception and
self-esteem, their peer and community recognition, as well as their
access to sponsorship and other financial rewards. It is therefore very
important that classification systems have a sound theoretical framework
and, as far as possible, are based upon scientific evidence.
The Disability Athletics Classification Project commenced in
2003. It is funded by the Australian Sports Commission and endorsed by
the Athletics Executive of the International Paralympic Committee. The
aim of the project is to develop and validate a new system of
classification for the sport of disability athletics. This is an
exciting opportunity for a motivated person with a strong interest in
sports biomechanics to acquire and develop new skills and make an
important, lasting contribution to sport for people with disabilities.
Applicant role and attributes:
Throughout the scholarship, the successful applicant will be
required to work as part of a small team to assist with the research
involved in developing the new classification system. Through
involvement in this process, the successful applicant will be assisted
to independently develop and answer research questions that will
contribute to the evidence-base for the new classification system.
* Essential attributes for the successful applicant include:
* Completion of at least four years of full-time equivalent
tertiary education;
* Strong background in biomechanics and functional anatomy;
* Excellent written communication and presentation skills;
* Ability to work in a small group;
* Some training and experience in research, preferably in
* Desirable attributes for applicants include:
* knowledge of neuromusculoskeletal impairment;
* knowledge of disability sport.
* Commencement:
* Scholarships will commence once the student has enrolled in a
PhD program through the School of Human Movement Studies, University of
Queensland (For further information on the Basis of Admission to a UQ
research higher degree, please see
* It would be desirable for the successful applicant to complete
the enrolment process by 17th March 2006.
* A tax-exempt stipend of $18,837 p.a. is available for a period
of three years of full-time study if enrolled in a PhD (contingent on
satisfactory study progress), with the option of an extension if
* Candidates will be expected to apply for an APA if eligible
* A one-off relocation allowance to a maximum of $3000 is
available should the successful applicant need to move from another city
within Australia or elsewhere
The Student will be based in the School of Human Movement
Studies, located at the St. Lucia Campus of the University of
Submission Guidelines:
Your application needs to include the following information:
1. Your contact details
2. Your proposed commencement date of PhD studies
3. An academic record of all tertiary studies undertaken
4. Other scholarships applied for
5. A CV of all relevant prior work experience
6. A brief (< 1 page) statement about why you would like this
For further information, please contact:
1. For administrative questions and confirmation of receipt of
Mrs Deb Noon
Administrative Officer (Research)
School of Human Movement Studies
University of Queensland Qld 4072
'+61 7 336 56989
: dnoon@hms.uq.edu.au
2. For questions about being a PhD student at UQ or the
enrolment process through the School of Human Movement Studies
Dr David Jenkins
Postgraduate Coordinator
School of Human Movement Studies
' 07 3365 6768
: davidj@hms.uq.edu.au
3. For questions about the field of research or the requirements
of the scholarship
Sean Tweedy
MAIC Research Fellow - Physical activity and Disability
School of Human Movement Studies
University of Queensland
E-mail only (currently overseas): seant@hms.uq.edu.au

Sean Tweedy
MAIC Research Fellow - Physical Activity and Disability
School of Human Movement Studies
University of Queensland
Brisbane Q 4072 Australia
Ph: 61 7 3365 6638
Fax: 61 7 3365 6877
e-mail: seant@hms.uq.edu.au