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Dorothy Cowie
12-19-2005, 03:31 AM
Dear all

Many thanks for your replies to my query on 'what is the normal stride of
a 4 yr old / a child of any age / an adult'?

I have summarised the most general results here but thanks so much to
everyone who took the time to write to me with their values.

The summary follows. Best wishes

Dorothy Cowie

Visual Development Unit, University of Oxford


For adults, thorough data is given in Shriner’s nomograms:


For infants and kindergartners, normal values are given in:

Adolph, K. et al "What Changes in Infant Walking and Why", Child
Development, 74 (2), 475-497

The scaling method I used was the formula: stride = 1.58 x leg length,
for 3.5yrs and up. This formula seems to be the consensus from a number
of papers, e.g.:

Sutherland, D. (1997) The development of mature gait. Gait and Posture 6,

Hof, A.L. and Zijlstra, W. (1997) Comment on “normalization of
temporal-distance parameters in pediatric gait”, J Biomech, 30,

Gait and Posture 4 (1996): Editorial (D Sutherland); p 222-223 A.L. Hof;
p 212-221 Zijlstra et al.