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unknown user
10-25-1993, 06:41 AM
To the Subscribers of BIOMCH-L:

Despite the listed subject of this posting, it has nothing to do with obnoxious
people. I am in fact trying to find information about the limits of human
tolerance and comfort for jerk (the time derivative of acceleration). I am
working on a project where an operator must ride a computer controlled
industrial machine. We need to know whether or not the operator can stand or
sit while the machine moves and changes direction. Movement will be in only
one horizontal dimension. The acceleration of the machine will not exceed .2g,
but the changes in acceleration may be quick (we don't yet know the exact
movement profile). If anyone knows of any information on jerk tolerance,
please contact me. I have begun a literature search, but I haven't found much
yet. I think there may be information in the following fields:

Motor Control (perturbation & balance research)
Tractor & Heavy Equipment Design
Industrial Design
Public Transportation (Buses & Trains)

Please send responses to:

Rush Green

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fax: (206) 477-0778
mail: Boeing Commercial Airplane Group
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