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01-24-2006, 07:34 AM
Dear Ziva, A recently published article in J. Neurophysiology has
some upper and lower extremity EMG data for walking at several
speeds, which may be of use to you:

Ivanenko, Poppele, Lacquaniti. J. Neurophysiology. 95 (2): 602. (2006)


Young-Hui Chang

At 8:19 PM +0200 1/24/06, Dr. Ziva Yizhar wrote:
>Dear Colleague
>I am looking for upper extremities electromyographic pattern in
>normal walking.
>The only article I could find was from 1965, by
>Fernandez-Ballesteros et al, with limited number of muscles.
>Dose any one knows of any recent article, web sight or other
>publication concerning this topic?
>Dose anyone have a reference template for upper extremities
>electromyography synchronized to gait cycle?
>Thanks for any suggestion
>Dr Ziva Yizhar
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