View Full Version : Request for anthropometric data

Ethan Blight
01-28-2006, 03:44 PM
I am looking for data on the body segment dimensions of adult humans. Specifically, I need ratios of body segment lengths to height, and their standard deviations.

I have seen excerpts from a Drillis & Contini paper (Body Segment Parameters 1966) that contains the ratios I am looking for. I do not actually have a copy of this paper, so I do not know if Drillis and Contini included standard deviations for their ratios.

If standard deviations are included in this paper, or if anyone else has similar ratios with standard deviations, I would appreciate it if someone would send this data to me.

--Ethan A. Blight
Blight Investigations
Gainesville, FL


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