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If there are standard deviations with this data, they would probably be very
suspect. Those studies were done with a relatively small set of subjects
that did not represent the general population well at the time, and even
less so now. The best inter-segmental correlations that at 95% confidence
for many anthropometric parameters might only approach R=0.7.
Anthropometric variation is so multivariate and with so little
intersegmental correlation that on a practical level it isn't scalable, and
ratio estimates like Drillis & Contini were only useful before the days of
computerized databases. Now it is much more common to use software like
JACK, Ramsis or SafeWork in conjunction with these databases and various
techniques (Monte Carlo, PCA, etc.) to create true statistical estimates of
risk throughout the population. I would look up the summary email that
Rebecca Moss posted on Jan 23rd entitled "Responses on original posting for
a Anthropometry references"

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I am looking for data on the body segment dimensions of adult humans.
Specifically, I need ratios of body segment lengths to height, and their
standard deviations.

I have seen excerpts from a Drillis & Contini paper (Body Segment
Parameters 1966) that contains the ratios I am looking for. I do not
actually have a copy of this paper, so I do not know if Drillis and Contini
included standard deviations for their ratios.

If standard deviations are included in this paper, or if anyone else has
similar ratios with standard deviations, I would appreciate it if someone
would send this data to me.

--Ethan A. Blight
Blight Investigations
Gainesville, FL


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